Human War Cleric, Ward of Nuada


A mysterious Turami from lands unknown. You’ll hear him coming, but he likes it that way.


Little is know about Davros, even by himself. He awoke aboard a passenger ship to <placeholder> with naught but his sword and his shield, both adorned with the Symbols of Nuada and the clothes on his back. But Davros is not one to let the little things like memories worry him.

Since then he has traveled the lands of <placeholder>, the new but strangely familiar roads. His main source of income being that offered to him in opportunities brought to him by his skill with sword and shield. Be it the running out of lowly bandits, the protection of caravans, or Championing the Duels of people unable to do so themselves. But this did not sate his hunger for battle by much.

He joined up with various groups of soldiers, fighting alongside them in battle, bringing them and his god glories. He soon out-matched all those that opposed him, and with these skills coming power of Nuada himself.

He decided that he must face bigger challenges, more experienced and stronger foes, so to hone his art of battle and pay homage to Nuada. With this he set off to find just that, trusting in the fates that be to find him his way, and that they did, in the form of a group of these adventurers. And though many of them like to flit around the idea of violence, Davros knows that some bigger and badder battles are coming there way.

By the fates of the Silver Hand.


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