Theren Nailo

Theren. Moon Elf, Rogue Assasin


Race; Moon Elf
Age; 91
Height; 5’4"
Weight; 68kg
Skin; Pale White
Hair; Vibrant Red
Eyes; Bright Blue

AC 16
HP 36
SPD 30ft
Str 8
Dex 18
Con 10
Int 14
Wis 15
Char 12


Stab first, ask questions later

Theren was a regular moon elf, but he was always curious so he’d constantly sneak out of the village (which was self sufficient and very closed off) just to see what was out there. He met and fed a few goblins who in return taught him how to speak goblin. Eventually one day while returning to the village he was caught by a corrupt guard who said there were certain things his gang would like discretely brought in and that since he could so easily get in and out he’d have to do it or they’d kill his wife. And so he complied for a few months and eventually the gang (for a reason unknown to Theren) killed his wife. Theren feels responsible for not saving his wife as he was warned by the same guard that his wife was in danger. Theren immediately rushed home to find his house ransacked and his wifes lifeless body. He could not help but think if he were faster he could have saved her.

Theren tried to continue his day to day life, but without his loving wife to come home to, without justice, he didnt want to continue. Theren relieved the town guard of a couple swords and a few daggers (not that he knew how to use them but knew he needed them for what waited outside the large almost translucent shiny silver doors.) and set out for justice.

As anyones first years adventuring go they were rough. Theren picking up the art of sword fighting quickly used this to obtain the bare essentials to continue such as food and housing. Helping villagers in exchange for information about the gang or lessons in crafts, Theren kept his swords sharp and his journey progressing.

Theren soon found himself in a small village, run by a gang, much similar to his own. Living here for three years slowly diminishing the control over the village the gang had. Refining his combat and ability to stay out of sight. Eventually (unfortunately for the gang) they caught on to his disruptions and called him out. Valiantly he fought to defend the freedoms of the innocent however as any reasonable person confronted in 20 to 1 combat he fell though not before inspiring the other members of the village to fight back for their lives and others who live under oppression. Over six months Theren recovered from his injuries and humbled his actions to village to ensure they felt free of any debts whatsoever. After ensuring the village felt comfortable that they wouldnt be overrun again Theren continued his pursuit of justice.

Though Theren would rather be another faceless member of the world, word travelled of a selfless moon elf who brings justice to those who would deny innocents the right to live by their choices. Travelling on whispers and words of dauntless activity Theren followed in hopes of ending the lives of those who made him suffer.

Living on the land for large parts of his journey Theren has become very familiar forest environments and becoming very frugal valuing freedom to choose above all else. For months at a time Theren would set up camp near seldom travelled paths, ones frequented by slave traders and outlaws.

After 8 years Theren had almost lost hope of justice for his wife, when he entered a village which town’s hall bear a very familiar symbol, that of the gang he’d been searching for. Filled with 8 years of hatred Therens eyes burn red and he burst through the door to find the local clergy man cleaning up the mess of a obviously absent gang presence. He collapsed to the floor giving up on the search for the men who inexplicably took Therens wife from him. About ready to join his wife, the clergy man enquires to why he’s distraught. The man sits with Theren and explains, Though Theren has lost much, he has ensured others do not suffer the same fate and that Azalea (wife name) would much rather he continue helping others than take his own life. As Theren gathers himself the man continues and says, Though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, Fear no evil for she is with you, in memory and in heart.

Having lost direction Theren spends the next few years following information on big game slave traders and oppressive leaders to cleanse the planet of those who seek to control it.

Theren Nailo

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