1000 years have passed since Gods and demons raged war on the material plane, a war so terrible and fierce it nearly ended all existence. Ancient empires that once stood proud and tall vanished into obscurity. Secrets of the arcane faded into the dark corridors of myth and doors to other worlds once sealed are now jarred open, their influence leaking into the world.

Survivors huddle together, scraping what they can from the land, banding together to create havens from the chaos that reigned, points of light in an otherwise dark world. Most seek refuge and safety behind walls or to hide away where they’ll never be found, however some brave few see an opportunity for adventure, honour, revenge and redemption.

This is their story…

Current Adventurers

Thurin – Dwarven Paladin
Roeman – Human Eldritch Knight
John – Half elf Wizard
Horrik – Human Barbarian
Kershaun – Human Fighter
Lobb – Half Orc Barbarian


Stolte Songblade

Theren – Retired to lead the Bremming Rangers
Sok – Heading a temple of the Stonefist Monks
BlackHawk – Disappeared back into the wilds

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