Bad Company

Dragon Cult strikes back
Ambushed prepared in Parnast for the Bad Company

A low level Dragon Cultist escape results in deadly surprise for the Bad Company and people of Parnast.


Ben – Lobb, Half Orc arrow magnet
Corey – Roeman, Human magic item collector
Damo – John, Half elf cleaver theif
Marc – Kershawn, Human Flutist/house burner
Mark – Thurin, Dwarven health hoarder

- Party still talking to elven town guard who is admitting all of the dragon cults activities in Parnast over the last few days, whilst the towers in the fog on the other side of the town, begins to lift magically into the sky. The town guard explains that it’s some kind of flying castle and that the dragon cult had been using Parnast as a base to attack nearby villages and bring back their plunder. They also robbed parnast taking most of the healthy young men in the village.

- Members of the bad company are suspicious, but keep the dialogue open. All to the elven guards plan, which was to allow his men to get in behind the party. 10 archers, 10 soldiers who open the attack with a volley of arrows at the party. The elf acts surprised and yells for guards, the party still unsure if he’s behind it or not.

- Roemans ready for it though, leaping clear of the volley and charging for the tree line and Thurin is able to spin and bring his shield up in time to block the peppering of arrows. Kersawn and Lob each get hit multiple times whilst John charges the tree line, misty stepping beyond the line of foot soldiers and blinking over to the Ethereal plane.

- Roe begins attacking the 10 fighters in the trees, joined by a charging Thurin who closes the gap with a running shield throw. Lobb runs for cover in the nearest house before the elf sucks in large breath before billowing a huge cloud of fire at the fighter and retreating back into town, behind the cover of a stone fence. Kershaun gives chase, vaulting the fence on a surprised elf and begins pummeling away before realising 10 more archers perched over his position who pepper him with arrows as he dives through a window into the house to break the line of site.

- Lobb beggs locals for a healing potion. Gets 5 hp before jumping back out to support Thurin and Rie.

- John takes care of the archers, leaving piles of charred corpses, freeing up Roe fly over as support for Kershawn only to land on the rood seconds before it collapses in flames.

- Thurin and Lob hack through the remaining foot soldiers. Lobb using a super heated pole from the smithy, whilst thurin cleaves heads off with his battle axe.

- Kershaun and Roe take care of the soldiers by the house, and force the elven warrior back. He draws an obsidian black, evil looking blade, holding it to his own neck and tells the party t back off. Roe makes a play for him, and he cuts his own throat. A portal opens up and a 20ft tall Goristro ambles out and begins pummeling the party.

- Roe keeps the beast off balance, by chaining it’s leg, whilst Thurin hacks at its leg. Goristro’s huge fists pummel the dwarf, and Kershawn is crunched under hoof.

- John takes the cleaver of a nearby poor villager and jumps off the roof in an attempt to shift the Goristro to another plane, trying the stunt twice before realising he doesn’t need to physically attack the monster to try and plane shift it. Tells the family to evacuate the home.

- Kershawn tries to “distract” the monster by playing the flute. Gets absolutely crunched.

- Thurin deals record breaking damage.

- Lobb joins the battle teaming with Roe to try and tie the beasts leg down. But Roe fumbles before he can help. Lobb decides to climb the beast whilst Roe flies about his head, cutting and blasting it with magic, getting gored by one of it’s huge horns in the process, but momentarily blinding it in the process.

- Kershaun, lobb, John all take significant damage before one of Johns spells finally gets past the beasts magical resistance and holds the monster in place with a spell. Kershawn finally gets to cover and Roe, Thurin and Lobb unleash a torrent of attacks.

- Almost defeated the Goristro snaps out of the hold, charges for John, who’s safely inside the peasant families home. The Goristro horns explode through it, knocking John out but leaving itself open to attacks from all the party members before Lobb finally runns up its spine, leaps off its back, and crunches his maul into and through its skull finally felling the beast.

- John is revived and takes the evil dagger, and the townsfolk poke the heads out of their homes. But as the people approach time slows and the world grows dark. An Imp appears in through a puff of flames and gives the party a book detailing how to summon his master Izbah, who is against Tiamat and wants to negotiate his services with the party.

- Despite being ravaged by the dragon cult, (town thoroughly looted and many kidnappings). The town is thankful to the party, putting them up for free, providing foot and shelter. Thurin is given a place of honor with the families destroyed home and takes the time to train survivors in self defence whislt the other set off to summon a devil.


Insult to Injury

Thurins mistake doesn’t seem punishment enough by other team members…

Players Present

Ben – Lobb Half Orc Barbarian
Corey – Roman Human Eldritch knight
Damo – John, half Elf Wizard
Mark – Thurin Dwarven Paladin of Bahamut

- Party continues to track the Dragon cult and spot a camp ahead.

- John disguises himself as a naked woman (!?) before Thurin trips and makes a sound in the woods. John then teleports away, blinking in and out of existence.

- Lobb and Thurin ambush those who investigate their noise, and Roman flys ahead to catch fleeing cultists.

- Lobb kicks a cultists so hard, he gets stuck in the spokes of a heavy cart, before it collapses, snapping his victims spine the wrong way. Thurin teams up with Lobb to kill a half dragon.

- Roman kills most of the escapees. But one gets away while John, snipes 3 on his own using scroching ray, drags one survivor back to eh group for interrogation.

- Party learns there was a big meeting between the dragon cult and a tribe of hill giants near by and that the Dragon Cult is due to leave in the morning. Thurin asks for a moment with the prisoner, and executes him for his evil ways, much to the chagrin of the party who claim that was not very lawful good of Thurin who in turn explains the Dragon Cult and it’s members represent the pure evil he fights against.

- Characters find a note on one of the cultists, it states that should they miss the leave time, go to Parnast in stead. The party decide to go there and along the way Lobb spies a beautiful half orcish woman in a pond. Thanks to Thurin Lobb nor the rest of the party are note charmed. DM remembers this and realises this will be a non event. The party crosses the lake via a bridge, except Thurin, who knowing it’s undead, draws his axe and wades right in.

- Thurin realises he can’t cast spells with a verbal component easily underwater and what looked like a beautiful Dwarven woman is in fact a Rasulka. A cursed undead creature that charms passer-bys into the water to kill them.

- Thurin and the Rasulka trade blows, and unfortunately for him her attacks causes him to laugh hysterically… underwater… All the while the party waits bored at the other side and begin to get worried.


- John and Roe go to investigate and see that Thurin is in trouble. John jumps in and also realises he can’t speak. Thurin gets knocked out and begins drowning whilst, John also becomes trapped. Thanks to some clever teleportation, Roe saves Thurin, SECONDS before he dies, and the rest of the party finish of the Rasulka.

- The party is furious at the dwarf and decide to cut off his beard, with his own axe, and shove the great length of hair in the dwarfs pants.

- Thurin wakes up and is FURIOUS almost leaving the bad company before it’s put to him that he needs to choose between dwarven pride and his responsibility as Behamuts champion and begrudgingly decides to stay.

- Beaten and weary the party is lead to Parnast by Lobbs local knowledge. They find the town quiet in the early morning fog. On the other side of the same town the party spies towers akin to those found on a keep, only there shouldn’t be one here.

-The party find a local smith who explains it’s the dragon cults, and that they’ve packed up shop suddenly in the night, leaving Parnasts survivors worried that something is about to go down. The party explain they plan to defeat the Dragon Cult and the Blacksmith gets the party to stay put whilst he summons the towns guard. An elf named Feonin, who greets the party before explaining that with the cult gone, the town simply wants to get on with normal life and that the party should move on.


Rockin' the Cazbah
Players make it back to the material plane to find it not as they left it...

Players Present

Ben – Lobb, half orc barbarian
Corey – Roeman Roman, Human Eldritch Knight
Mark – Thurin, Dwarven Paladin of Bahamut
Marc – Kershawn, Human Fighter

- The party leave Bytopia as soon as possible. John (even though player not present) obtains a book called “A guide to summoning Demonds and binding them to your will” which details how to summon demons safely… If you don’t stuff up the ritual.

- Not wanting to risk a random teleport location on the material plane John uses sigils that lead to a teleportation circle at Roe’s childhood home, Cazbah.

- The party teleport into a random part of Roe’s Childhood home which they find empty. Upon investigation they find the streets in turmoil. Romans Uncle Joseph has been kidnapped by the Dragon Cult, a note was left demanding the Bad Company meet with a cult leader lest Roe’s Uncle be slain and the town destroyed by Dragons breath.

- New party member Kershaun, was tasked by the council (Lords alliance specifically) to find and return the party as their time in Bytopia was 3 months on the material plane, in which time Dragon Cult activity has gone from covert to overt, with raids for loot, and people taking place across the lands.

- The party meets local Blacksmith and long time personal Friend of Roman, Gazukh the dwarf and through some fancy speaking from Roe and intimidation Lobb the party stops the town slipping into panic.

- The company sets up a zone of truth at the entrance of the keep and screen everyone as they enter from suspicion of cultist infiltrators. The party find a few and interrogate them, learning the Dragon cult members were to meet near the town in clearing on a hill. Thurin saves a woman, and inspires her daughter to take up the cause of Bahamut.

- WIth every innocent person safely in the keep the party signals the dragon cult atop one of the keeps towers. After a dramatic entrance Brunskill the Blue who bears the blue dragon mask and Blue dragon mount explains to the party that the Dragon cult has lost control of the Yuan-Ti, and if not stopped they’ll raise their Demon God Mershaulk to wreak havoc. The Cult can’t do it as the Yuan Ti are using the temples Scrying pool to remain vigilant against the cult, but Brunskill knows of a secret entrance which the party could slip in.

- Besides saving the near by city of Nethaderyn the party would also receive the location and identity of the Green Dragon Mask wearer. Most of the party are hip to the idea, however Thurin refuses to co-operate and the party attack Brunskill who was an illusion the whole time, instead mounted atop his Blitzarnimax, his Blue Dragon the whole time.

- The party go off their only lead and strike out for the hills and find Roe’s Uncle Joseph bound and beaten. He explains a large force was there, with carts and so on, but left some time ago. Kershaun, the parties newest member wants the party back at the Council, however the party push on, this lead too juicey to miss.

- The party drop Joseph back at Cazbah, Gazukh having silvered some weapons for both Lobb and Kershaun. Roman leaves a sizable sum of money with Joseph, to hire mercenaries and fit the town out against Dragons.

- As night falls the party attempt to follow the trail left by the dragon cult and even with Thurin scouting in the air via giant bird, the party stumbles into an Ambush by a group of Ettins and some kind of feral Gnoll. The party defeat the group and find a map referring to some sort of meeting deeper in the forest, closer to the mountain ranges to the south….

Bytopian Rhapsody Pt 2
Can the party escape the collapsing volcano? Yes.... Sort of...


Ben – Lobb Half Orc Barbarian
Corey – Human Eldritch Knight
Damo – Half Elf wizard
Mark – Dwarven Paladin of Bahamut

- John joins the fight in progress, ankle deep in lava

- John, swirls most of the bad guys in a giant ball of water

- Thurin gets covered in lava spewed from magma bears a bunch of times

- Horned Devil offers knowledge of powerful artefact “Tome of Dragons Fate” which to Johns chagrin the party turns down before Roeman single handedly takes it down.

- John and Thurin save the Mayors daughter and tie down the wizard, sacrificing him to stop the volcano erupting.

- The party cause the cavern to begin collapsing. Lobb destroys the floating rocks, sending 7ish skeletons flailing into the water and clearing the way out.

- Party hops in two old mine carts. John Thurin and the gnome girl in one, Lobb and Roe in the other.

- Lobb ensures his cart goes down the good path. John and Thurin fail and end up crashing theirs.

- John gets knocked out, by collapsing rocks as he tries to change carts and is saved by Thurin who gets it moving again.

- Roe tries to repair the unfinished tracks over a deep ravine before the exit, the friction and magic cause an action movie-esque explosion as it sails over, crashing at the exit of the mountain,

- John attempts to use watery sphere to carry them across, but it slows them down. Roe catches the girl delivering her to Lobbs side, before delving down into the chasm to help the others. Unfortunately each is knocked out or down by falling rocks into the icey churning sub terrainian river.

- Lobb and the girl are the only ones to escape unscathed.

- Thurin, Roe and John each loose a magic item in the churning depths but get fished out of the river by the Teeonin.


Bytopian Rhapsody
Party find themselves trapped in a celestial gnomish land.


Ben – Lobb, Half Orc barbarian.
Corey – Roeman, Human Eldritch Knight
Jeff – Horrik the human viking barbarian
Mark – Thurin dwarven Paladin

*Higher level recap due to time constraints…

The party land in Bytopia, care of Johns teleportation spell. But something went wrong in the process and he’s completely drained off all power, and stumbles along barely conscious. (explains his absence from the table)

The party then scare a local farm boy before threatening and insulting his father.

Roe calms things down securing a place to stay and trying to help the son with his crops and instead making a butchery of it.

Horrik engages in vandalism, and is already badgering people to fix his arm.

Party marched into town more and more soldiers seen wearing “power armour” (imagine gnome sized power suits from avatar). Horrik challenges one to an arm wrestle and barely looses, ugly gnome becomes town hero.

Party meet with Mayor Gundo who explains all planar travel is locked down as his daughter was kidnapped by Wizard named Fastenbeer who’s working with the evil natives in the wilds and he wont release the planar locks until she’s returned. The party agree with John staying behind in a near vegetative state from the level of energy required to to get into Bytopia.

Horrik doesn’t want the mage killed because he learnt the mage created the power armour, and wants his own power arm for his stump.

The land they’re on is very civilized perfect village society. In the sky above is a mirror world facing back down, a wild natural world which can be reached when the landscapes two mountains align. The party learn it’s likely shiz is going down in the mountain on the other side (Shurrock).

Before setting off the party get their drink on at a local Inn, Horrik challenging the guy he lost an arm wrestle to a drinking match. The guy asks Horrik to loose on purpose so he can impress a woman. Horrik allows him to win before drinking the rest of the night away.

Roeman talks a local smith into selling him his finest weapon in return for endorsements and the table collaboratively make a magic item akin to a “GET OVER HERE” dagger and chain type scenario.

The party scales the mountain and see on the mirror worlds mountain a strange looking humanoid cat folk and begin discussing how they’ll attack. The other mountain is about 40ft away, with gravity changing in the middle.

Meanwhile, back on Araluen, Thurin rallies the surviving forces at the northern pass into a defensive wall deeper in the canyon. He’s on less than 10HP and has zero resources left. Chevron, the giant spectral dragon summoned by John appears to him and offers a portal for him to escape through if he so chooses.

Thurins torn as it means leaving soldiers behind. Further more, the Yuan-Ti Abomination can be seen brandishing Thurins axe and his ever so sentimental dragon dagger, given to him by old friend Grim. Thurin reluctantly chooses to escape, asking the celestial creature to collapse the canyon to save those he’s leaving behind. DM says you can channel all your lifes experience, and faith and power into a d20 roll, which if you crit it will work but will kill the celestial force. Thurin presses on, rolls crit, table looses it and Thurin jumps through the portal…

Ben is chosen to describe how Thurin is brought through the portal and so he’s cannon balled landing right in the midst of the Catfolk known as Teeonin.

The Teeonin disarm and begin cartin him away, before the rest of the party attack, drop shipping in via Roemans flying boots. Horrik finds his stump mingles with magical resonant magic left by the dragon bite, effectively turning his stump into a lightning gun that can stun enemies, at a cost to his HP.

Lobb, squashes one under a huge log before falling down a cravass in the mountain whilst the others are peppered with arrows. The fighting stops just as Horrik throws one down another hole in the mountain.

The party learn Teeonin aren’t evil at all, instead patrolling the mountain to stop people going in as they saw the gnomish wizard enter with a huge winged beast. The Teeonin say the party are on their own and won’t allow them to stay overnight to rest with them.

The party instead dig in on the mountain top, where they’re attacked by a Chimera.

Thurin manages to stay alive on his sub 10HP before Lobb lines up all three heads against a rock and mushing them into a crunchy mush.

After resting the party descend one of the holes in the mountain top, shimmying down the slippery chimney. Horrik falls, which causes Lobb to fall, which causes Thurin to fall, but luckily Roeman casts feather fall and saves everyone.

The party find a huge chamber, and spy Gundo’s daughter manacled to a metal table in the middle of a lava field. They also spy a huge winged demon tormenting Fastenbeer the gnomish mage. The party learn that the wizard summoned the devil in an attempt to use its power but failed to control it. The devil is now using him to open a portal to the nine hells with the daughter as a sacrifice.

Fighting breaks out with Thurin and Roe in the middle, and Horrik and Lobb at the side and high up of the cavern. The devil laughs as it blasts the lava, a bunch of magma Bears and the burning undead remains of the gnomish patrol that went after the wizard. (Skeletons on fire wearing chainmail, essentially).

The party find the skeletons spew fire from any wounds dealt to them and apparently these bears spew lava. Roe has engaged the devil , as the lava starts to rise, bubbling and boiling over, the platform the girl is on also rising above the lava level.

Lobb chops and hacks throwing skeletons in the lava, to see them begin to climb back out, fully healed, as Horrik makes a flanking manuevre only to land himself ankle deep in hot water.


Fall of Kumlari
The dragon cult and its allies overwhelm the Bad Company


Ben – Lobb, Half Orc barbarian.
Corey – Roeman, Human Eldritch Knight
Damo – John, Wizard/Warlocky half elf
Jeff – Horrik the human viking barbarian
Mark – Thurin dwarven Paladin

(Continuing straight on from Cliff Hangers)

As Brunskill scaled the Blue Dragon, Blitzgarminakk, Roeman let fly a pre prepared spell. Arcing beams of red hot magic lanced out towards the blue dragon slamming into its front, before Roeman leapt forward in a furious charge. If the gigantic dragon felt any pain or intimidation at the sight of the charging human it didn’t show it. With a single beat of it’s huge wings, it darted upwards and back, the wind and grit blasting the brave the Roeman backwards, halting his charge.

As he shook the daze from his head Roeman looked up to see the hovering dragon open its huge jaws, as a dull glow from the back of its throat grew brighter in intensity. John could already see this was not going as well as he’d hoped. Roemans magic and physical attacks being quashed in an instant. It would take the whole bad company on their terms to defeat this dragon the point punctuated by a deafening crack, like a mountain splitting in half as the blue dragon unleashed it’s horrible lightning breath blasting Roeman fully in the chest.

John watched with relief as the other Knights ran to Roemans unconscious, steaming and begin efforts to stop him dying. But his releif is short lived as the ground beneath him shakes with the crashing of Blitzgarminakk landing outside the city wall, demanding Kumlari be handed over, and touting his own prowess of the pitiful strength of men. John decides he’ll pull a fast one of the dragon unleashing a powerful spell. Unfortunately the dragons will overcomes Johns magical influence and responds in kind with a devastating point blank unleashing of his lightning breath, knocking out the half elf. With a ferocious roar shaking the very foundations of Kumlari, Blitzgarminakk takes flight, strafing the outer walls, creating a panic amongst the soldiers who begin scattering.

Not all scatter though, among them Lobb, the once disgraced solider who was in Kumlari to keep out of the way and hidden instead takes up his weapon and makes for the front gate. In the chaos of people fleeing in terror he notices one knight struggling to crank open the towns massive front gates. Lobb, not realising the knight was a turn coat, shoves him aside and does the job of three men, easily swinging the huge doors open the turncoat slinking into the shadows.

Meanwhile the front lines of the Yuan Ti army charge. The remaining Knights collect roman up and sprint to the now opening gates, as Yuanti forces close in behind them. In the centre of town, Horrik from atop the Ballistea towers surveys the scene. Horrik had been sent by King Gustlav as his representative in the high councils investigative task force and can’t believe his luck as what he thought was a boring diplomatic mission has turned to something much more interesting. He blows his war horn, signaling his men camped outside Kumlari to charge in and hit the enemy van guard in the flank. The huge ballisteas fire off their massive missiles at the Blue dragon, missing it be mere metres. The blue dragon turns furious eyes at the tower and banks suddenly, landing on and crushing one of the four seige weapons and blasting another with his lightning breath. As men run in terror for their lives, Horrik charges against the crowd, hacking at the gargantuan monster roaring in pain and surprise Blitzgarminakk rakes the viking with it’s wicked claws before taking off. Never one to let his prey retreat Horrik leaps, and uses his weapons hook in between it’s massive scales.

Blitzgarminakk lands atop a tower again and tries to rake at Horrik, who uses his immense upper body strength to roll and pull up out of the way of Blitzgarminakk’s man sized claws. Blitzgarminakk roars and shakes but cannot rid himself of the insatiable Horrik so does what comes naturally to dragons. Leaps, flying higher and higher into the sky until Kumlari looks like a childs doll house.

Meanwhile at the northern pass, Thurin finds himself amidst a bloody melee on the wrong side of a defensive wall. His actions however meant the wall was in tact, allowing the defenders arros to continue their devastation amoung the enemy ranks. Thurin finds himself facing off again two Yuan Ti Malisons and an Abomination (LINKS HERE!). Channeling his divine energy Thurin fights back the abomination, who retreats into the melee and orders anyone nearby to swarm the heavily armoured Paladin. tens of attacks are swatted away by Thurin, who even outnumbered 50-1 holds his own. Seeing they’re out classed by Thurins defensive style the Yuan Ti warriors change tact, and attempt to capture Thurin, the large Malisons each grab on of Thurins arms as soldiers swarm in to claw, and grab at his equipment. Unable to attack Thurin feels his great axe being prized from his hands before it vanishes into the throng. With a fit of rage, headbutts and fists Thurin breaks free, unsheathing the dagger he received as a gift from his Dragonborn friend Grim. But once again the tide of bodies washes against Thurin, pinning all his arms and legs. Thurin hangs onto his shield, the Yuan ti unable to rip to from his vice like grip. Unfortunately, the symbol of his friendship with long time friend Grim, (whom Thurin pulled from his state of isolation and melancholy) the blue dragontooth dagger is snatched away and lost in the sea of people as fist, sword and fang lash out press in to Thurin.

He hears a crash behind him and is able to turn his head to see that Cena has burst from the front gate screaming wide eyed like some hellish demon, stone hammer in hand sweeping pairs of enemy aside as careless as if she was threshing wheat on a field. A small group of knights burst forth creating a small wall at the door, pushing back the crush of YuanTi foot soldiers. Cena makes it to Thurin, heads exploding like watermelons as she swings her hammer. The melee intensifies and Thurin finds himself in between the door and Cena who’s commanded the door be shut against a surge of Yuan Ti foot soldiery. Thurin stuck in the middle needs to decide if he should retreat as per her command and shut the door, or go to Cena’s aide. Its with heavy heart Thurin is able to blast through the attacking soldiers slamming into the gate. Still outside he turns to see Cena’s sternum explode open. Thurin tries to rush toward her but can’t get through the press of soldiers as he see’s there strange wide rapiers rise and fall, hacking and chopping at Cena, her screams fading to wet gurgles. Thurin is able to crawl through the press and grab her weapon, driping red next to her minced for, using his enchanted feather token to summon the giant eagle to lift him from the press. Whilst circling upward the battered dwarf notices a small squad of enemy yuanti, lightly armed and armoured have climbed through the near impassible terrain above the canyon, and will be in position to rain arrows down at any moment. Thurin looks toward Kumlari for a moment, deciding to descend into the canyon instead.

Meanwhile, 240 feet above Kumlari Horrik holds on against the blue dragons rolls and shakes continually hacking away at the giant creature. The dragon rakes Horrik with it’s deadly sharp claws but cannot dislodge the persistent human. Horrik continues to land blows before the dragon finally pries the barbarian from his scaled hide, crushing him in its grip, chuckling as it raises him up, giant teeth gleaming hungrily as it bites down. Horrik screams in pain, the electrican energy burning through his nerves, the brutal bite enough to kill most men isn’t enough to finish the enraged viking, who takes the opportunity to hang onto the beasts tooth! Horrik laughs groggily to himself before a moment of dread hits him in the guts. A hot stinking breath of laughter rumbles out from the dragons throat before he simply chomps down once again. Horrik screams in pain as his arm is severed clean off, the pain worsened by the residual electrical shock delivered from the bite. Luckily the dragon is unable to get a good enough purchase to swallow Horrik who instead plmmets to the earth, smashing into and destroying a market stall. Broken ribbed, completely crushed left hand and severed right arm, Horriks life begins to slip away.

Back in Kumlari Johns vision has come to, he opens his eyes to see the elven knight, Miriama looking down at him. “Don’t make me regret that magic potion, wizard, do something!” John shakily returns to his feet and assesses the situation. Roe is being dragged across the open field in between Kumlari and the Yuan-Ti army by some knights as they’re chased down by the enemies Vanguard. The gates are open with a few knights there including one particularly mean looking half orc, most regular guards are in full panic. And someone he has not seen in a long time has just plummet from the sky and destroyed a shop down in the streets below. Seeing Roe now being carried along with his would be rescuers, John teleports to the field, grabs Roe and teleports back, however, Roe resists the magical spell, deciding to limp the rest of the way back with the knights who saved him. Cursing on wasting his magical energy John teleports back and upon review can see things are not good. With a glance to the waiting Miriama, John darts into the nearest tower and slams the door.

John takes a minute to cast one of his most powerful spells (which may not even work). Luckily he’s able to complete the ritual quickly summoning the etherial avatar of one of Bahamuts servants, Chevron who appears as a etherial giant dragonlike floating serpant.

Sorry guys, from here I’ve run out of time and I’m two recaps behind so am going to super summerise.

John successfully gets help from the dragon thing who restores, Roe, Horrik and Johns health.

Horrik, John, Lob and Roe succesfully defend a wave of enemies at the gate while the city evacuates.

Horriks men escape with Miriama and as many knights as possible via boat.

John tricks everyone else to being plane shifted, leaving 20 odd knights to their death, which Roe is furious about, clocking John with a punch in the jaw.


Cliff Hangers
The party is left in a precarious position, on their mission of suspicion.

Corey – Roeman – Human Eldritch knight
Damo – John, half elf evocation wizard
Mark – Thurin, Dwarven Paladin of Bahamut

This game is split in to two parts. First the fallout from the players decisions from last session, where after an uneventful year has passed and secondly the reunion / kick off of the next adventure.

A year has passed in Araluen.

Roeman has spent a year within the arcane university, where he’s befriended Zarrius, the super old tiefling sage, and keeper of the Arcane library. Roe now has advantage on all history/lore checks and if doesn’t know a piece of lore at least knows where to find it. His connection with Zarrius spread through the university and Roe now knows the heads of each magical discipline. His Harper underlings also reported their findings to Roe regarding the Matriarch / high elf connection.

John found his spy network was squeezed out by the Zhentarim. Almost all efforts resulted in dead ends and the ongoing push resulted in lower financial yields for the company and ultimately for Roe and Johns investments in the mine. John learns The Zhentarim have been around the Spy game much much longer, and are far better resourced.

John manages to make some headway with Rommeril. While never forgiving John he does impart some transmutation knowledge to the half elven wizard. John can now enchant equipment with magic of up to 4th level, though it’s time and costly. Johns end of year project is an enchanted weapon of freezing for Roe and thanks to some strong INT rolls gets a periapt of wound closure for himself.

On a more positive note, John has unlocked contacts in almost every major city and is able to mingle with the high society citizens in each area.

John ultimately sold his stake in the mines to the Zhentarim in exchange for almost triple his gold and information regarding the rising darkness.

After entrusting the order with guarding his legendary armour he became famous within the Order of the Gauntlet for acts of valour in the field. His nickname amongst his peers is “the finisher” due to how he always manages to land the killing blow in outlandish ways on various monsters. (see bursting out of a hydras stomach, riding a dead wyvern from 100 feet and bursting through a zombie beholders eye socket). Tales are sung across the land and Thurin, always favouring to help the most poor and needy becomes some sort of folk hero. Thurin has advantage on social checks when dealing with peasantry, and can always find a place to stay.

He managed to learn the whereabout of his old friends Grim, the Dragonborn barbarian and Jungle, the elven ranger but their distant locations mean he would only be able to visit one within the year. Thurin treks and finds Grim alone in the desert living among a large clan of Kobolds. Grim explains the small child Thurin set him up with on their last adventure was accidentally killed by Grim himself when Grim was confronted by the younger brother he thought he’d slain when he was young. The whole event sent him feral and he spent months terrorizing the lands until one day he attracted the ire of a blue dragon which maimed him and left him for dead in the desert where he became a hermit. Thurin also learnt other dragonborn from Drakkholm, the island nation of the Dragonborn peoples had been looking for the legendary warrior to aid them in finding their islands protector, a gold dragon, which has been missing for months.

Thurin was able to bring Grim out from the depths of his depression and anger to finally forgive himself. With his fiery passion reignited, Grim took up his huge full blade, Tulloolah, once more and set off on his own personal quest to set aside his own insecurity and shame to finally be of service to his ancestral people. Before parting, Grim left Thurin with a dagger he carved from a dragon tooth that was left in him following his scrape with the blue dragon and thanked the dwarf for saving his life.

Horrik accepted King Gustlavs invitation to each party member and was made lord of a small town to the furthest, coldest region of the kings empire which was perfect for Horrik as it was situated nearest his ancestral home across the shivering seas. Horrik normally known for his impulsiveness and brutish nature turned out to be a pragmatic leader, his rule established quickly and brutaly. At first the people of lonely rock felt chaffed under his rule, but soon found themselves on the receiving end of many successful raids, their home and resources growing exponentially over the year.

Across the seas to the frozen isles Horrik became known as Storm Sword for his raids where brutal lightning fast affairs, falling upon towns using nefariously clever tactics. But Horrik gave all a chance to live and many of the frozen isles happily sided to he with so many victories under his belt.

Horrik instilled fear into any spies he found inflitrating his tribes, for it was well known any found partaking in such acts was dealt with severely, swiftly and publicly.

Horrik would leverage locals to rule over these towns and was fair and open minded when dealing with disagreements in his rule.

Even though the king meant to make a mockery of Horrik, he has carved out his own little empire within the lords alliance, paying his tribute as due and is seen as a valuable asset to the king.

The party was re-united at the Council of Middenport where all the heads of state and major factions came together to discuss trade, law and treaties. Hours and hours of boring legalese, bickering, political maneuvering and plotting where finally interrupted by the news from the elven kingdoms, that they believed that the dragon cult had not been wiped out as previously thought but instead move in numbers across the northern deserts toward Kumlari, which is quite close to the human capital. This resulted in accusations that the Elves where simply trying to either make an excuse to have their own forces so close to the human capital, or lessen human forces along their southern borders. The argument went around for almost hours before Jillian Greenbottle suggested the Bad Company be sent to investigate the rumours, as they represent many races and factions, and would report back to the next council meeting.

In his dealing with the Zhentarim where John sold his share in the mines, revealed that the dragon cult had fundementally shifted from it’s fanaticism of dracoliches and resurection of dead dragons, to living ones and that they mean to usher in an “age of dragons” where they empower the evil dragons to rise up, unite and take over the lands, using influence granted to them via powerful magical artefacts known as “dragonmasks”. He also learnt a lot about the structure of the cult, it’s methods, some secret signals and more.

The party agrees, flying atop the gargantuan Roc (giant eagle thing) to the dusty fortress of Kumlari. Where they’re met by* Commander Brunskill*. (Whom John sold the stolen horn to). The commander treats them as one might a stray dog, and palms them off to the almost equally uninterested Mariama, a high elf lieutenant who shows them their rooms before setting about her business.

Unable to get much information from the servants John and Thurin delve the depths of the castles dungeons looking for anything nefarious where they come upon a guarded iron door, nowhere near anything else of interested. Thurin is teased by the two thugs guarding it before Thurin uses some mind manipulation magics to send them one their way. John gets to work on the lock, unsuccessfully, before teleporting himself into the room and trying from the other side. The pair make such a racket trying to open the tough lock and can hear armoured boots stomping their way towards them. “What are you doing here!? Cries a guard to Thurin, but before he can answer there is another flash of magic as John teleports Thurin into the locked room as well. The guards tussle with the door but the damage to the lock caused by the pair hamper their efforts. The pair begin searching the dark room finding it a dusty old hall of some sort. John suspects hidden door somewhere but amidst the dust and debris is unable to find anything before they hear a mighty crash, and the sound of boots closing in.

John teleports them away in a nick of time. A guard on the towns surface enquires as to what happened but is easily talked down by the pair who head back to speak with Roe to find out what he’d been doing that entire time.

Roeman had actually tracked down Mariama. Drawing upon his soldering experience Roe was able to win her respect but when he asked to speak with her in private she declined him whilst signaling him to follow. All the cloak and dagger behaviors was because Miriama believed her hated commander Brunskill kept tabs on her via covert means. Roe had some work to convince her it was safe to talk and eventually broke through her distrust and learnt Miriama hated Brunskill, that he messes with her resource scheduling, assigning his own personal guard to strange locations in and around the fort.

The party reconvene to exchange information and are invited, strangely by a full squad of heavily armed soldiers to dinner with the commander. The players are dubious of the fact but attend anyway. The party probe regarding his leadership, and find him to mostly be a dutiful soldier, doing what he can to earn a promotion to what he sees as glorified guard duty. Whilst the party learn a lot about the town itself, there’s nothing really evident of what, if anything, is going on around there.

The next morning the party awakes to the sound of alarms. Horns blast out, and groups of armoured men crash and clank along whilst their sergeants yell commands. The party meet Brunksill on the wall overlooking the deserts that stretch away from the northern kingdoms and see a large dust cloud over the horizon. Brunskill advises dust storms are not uncommon in the area but something is off about this. Brunskill explains he’s busy calling in the populace outside the keep in and that if the party could gather intelligence that’d be great. Happy with his care of his subjects the party summons Johns giant eagle and take to the skies, flying well above the storm realising their worst fear. A huge force is moving towards Kumlari. It’s hard to make out how many exactly but it looks like a sea of glinting armour and weapons just barely visible through the dust cloud. A force of roughly 100 power ahead at speed. Before gliding down for a closer look a long resounding bestial roar is heard from within the cloud.

The party decide to report back whilst the going is good and explain to Brunskill, that a large force is approaching it’s vanguard on it’s doorstep. Many call to close the gates but Brunskill wants to get as many people in as possible. The party defer his question back to him, forcing him to make the tough call. Brunskill sadly concedes the needs of the few outweigh the many and to close to the gates.

An messenger reaches the group, panting and puffing explains a small force has broken from the main host, and is headed towards the northern pass, a small trail guarding a route through the mountains. Brunskill is worried it’s under staffed for such an event and asks the party to either stay here and help or if they volunteer, to head to the pass. He’d like to send a detachment but they couldn’t get there in time and he cannot find Miriama to arrange it who is busy collapsing the southern drainage channels, to block forces easily flanking around the town. Brunskill was opposed to this at first, but the party convinced him citing the destruction would ultimately save lives.

The party now split three ways. Roe, heads to the towers and repairs on of four giant ballistas, before heading back to the wall. John goes to the front gate, asking it be held a tiny bit open for a bit more, as while many are falling under the invaders vanguards crushing force, with help, some might make the wall. Several burley snake headed men, with viscous looking curved blades cut down those trying to reach the gates. There are way too many for John to hold off but some well placed scorching rays keep the attackers at bay allowing another 50 into the city before the gates are shut. John then directs everyone to the walls to help, inadvertently causing the walk ways to choke up with people causing chaos and confusion. One man slips and falls do his death off the crowded rampart before John rectifies the error with Roe’s help.

Meanwhile Thurin has left Kmulari all together, aback the parties giant eagle. When summoned by John, the eagle was a deep navy blue, witch vivid read highlights throughout. now summoned by Thurin, it’s a deep gray with the odd vivid green highlight. Thurin swoops down into the narrow pass and meets the pass garrisons commander, Cena Stone Splitter. An extremely lewd half orc woman who’s maul is a rock crudely fastened to a rough stick. She advises only a small force holds the garrison, though it’s very tough to assault in force, do the the limited space in the passage. Thurin works with Cena to bolster the men as a wave of men and woman with patchy scaled skin assault the wall with sword and shield, while their defensive line peppers the ramparts with arrows. The defenses seem to fairly easy whittle the attack away when a thickly roofed bettering siege weaponry thing is brought forward. Those underneath it, shielded from the rain of arrows by a thick roof. Obviously it has a swinging ram underneath and it begins to pound on the front gates with impunity. Recognising the danger Thurin curls into a ball and is hurled down like a cannonball at the siege device by Cena. The dwarf slams into the weapon, tearing a chunk out of it’s shielding, and begins laying waste to the crush of men around him. Aided by arrow fire the dwarf cuts a path to machine and finds the same hulking figures that attacked Kumlari pulling back a swinging ram, and letting it slam into the door. The machine is being held up by strangle looking creatures. Giant snakes with thick human arms hold the heavy thing up. Thurin smashes the front of the ram in an explosion of splinters, ending it’s threat to the gate and begins hacking into the strange snake like people to find them much much tougher than the fully human fodder all around. With the machine no longer serving its purpose the remaining Snake headed brutes close for the outnumbered dwarf.

Meanwhile back at Kumlari a richly dressed snake man approaches the wall, flanked by two hulking snake abominations (pictured) and yells up to Commander Brunskill, offering terms. He asks the fort be handed over because one way or another, it will be theirs and anyone found within would be slain. At that moment with a crack of thunder a gargantuan form bursts through the dust cloud behind the army. Terrified screams are heard as a massive blue dragon swoops the castle before flying a lazy circuit and landing by the enemy.

Snake headed dudes pictured here.

After much back and forth John convinces the emissary to pitch their greatest fighter against Kumlaris (volunteering Roe on his behalf.) The emissary cackles, introducing Blitzgarminakk, the great blue dragon of the desert as their champion. John tries to call foul but the ambassador holds, either slay the dragon one on one else their full power will wash over Kumlari. With the ballistas up and running thanks to Roe, John has it mind to accept the offer and and simply breaking the deal if opportunity presents itself to be rid of the invaders main weapon, the blue dragon. Through some fancy negotiations playing on Blitzgarminakks vanity John is able to not only send Roe, but 23 others, claiming a Blue would easily crush Kumlaris finest score of soldiers. The dragon accepts and Roe is sent out to face off with the behemoth. Before Roe leaves, Brunskill asks if he can go as well, citing that a commander should be brave, and instill courage in his men, and leaves command to John, his speech leaving the party nodding in approval. The party agrees and Brunskill marches out to the space between two armies under the shadow of the giant lizard, with Roe and 22 others with him.

At this point Brunskill looks to Roe and brandishes the enchanted horn John stole for him back at the university before they set foot in the underdark. The horn is able to summon a band of mighty warriors to fight for them. Roe falls in rank with the other men and the tiny figure of Brunskill walks slowly out to speak with the Blue dragon. The land is eerily silent, anticipation hanging thick in the air.

With Brunskill about 40 feet away from him, Roe is Struggling to make out the words but the dragons head dips to ground level suddenly as if craning its head to listen. From the wall, John can see Brunskill reach in under his armour for something and smiles realising he still had the horn he sold to him all that time ago.

Brunskill turns back to Roe face sullen as he pulls a blue dragon mask over his face, magic shifting its shape to fit the counters of his face… Brunskill leaps upon the dragon head as it lets out a mighty roar. Brunskill was the wearer of the Blue Dragonmask all along.

The session ended with Roe in the open planes standing opposite a Blue dragon, and thousands of Yuan-Ti snake people to his side, John at the walls and Thurin amidst a melee about an hour away.

Pretty much this, but a bigger fort and all deserty.


Faction Action
Frog folk are finally free, leaving the party to better understand the world around them

Players Present

Corey – Roeman – Human Eldritch knight
Damo – John, half elf evocation wizard
Mark – Thurin, Dwarven Paladin of Bahamut

After divvying up the loot from the demi lich Banak, the party link back up with the frog folk caravan which is buzzing at the possibility of an exit from the underdark after months of travel so the the party decides to investigate a large and obviously trapped area scouyted out by Bips people.

Before they reach the door however, the cavern is illuminated with brilliant white light, blinding the party. They’re told to throw their weapons down and explain themselves. Thanks to the parties compliance and some fast talking Dwarven by Thurin, the party are let into the bottom of the Phandelver mine, owned by Gundren Rockseeker.

Gundren Breaks the news that the mysterious Elf Naiya or at least, someone fitting that description had snuck through the mine about a week before. Any human guards where knocked out, but any dwarves this mysterious elf came across was slaughtered. Once the mines inhabitants found that Thurin the dwarven paladin was possibly responsible for unleashing this scourge upon them Gundren had to take measures riots didn’t break out, and keep the party mostly seperated from the general populace. Thurin vowed to bring the elf to justice whilst half elf wizard John and Eldritch knight Roeman bought shares in the mine with the huge piles of trasure hoisted from the depths of the under dark.

After months traveling with the small frog prince Bip and helping transform him from meek desperate little being to a warrior and leader, the party say their farewells. Bip explains he plans to lead them back into the swamp lands to find a new home and uses the money raised from killing Banak to fund a force of mercenaries and guides. Bip takes care to remember the tenets passed on by his Paladin Mentor inscribing them on his shield, Peace, Victory and Sacrifice. John leaves a few other frog folk he deemed of note with silver trinkets he stole from a merchant who then got thrown in jail for his troubles. John chuckles at the memory.

Gundren brings the party to a meeting between all the major powers of Araluen. Here the party finds learn about the following factions.

Lords Alliance – Cities of Men covering most of the northern realms. Once allied but now under the reign of King Gustlav, who got to power via questionable circumstances.

Dwarven Holds – Always getting in heated arguments with his neighbors the high elves.

T*he Elven council* lead by Elder Galindir. Turns out one of his advisers is none other than Naiya whom the party suspect of Murder, another slap in the face for Thurin. She’s EXTREMELY well connected and was a general in the wars against the dwarves. Her presence is a huge insult to them. Thurin was furious but unable to attack her in open council / not wanting to start a war.

Wood Elves lead by the watchful Olfir

Merchants Guild lead by Gillian Greenbottle. (of Limbo fame)

Gauntlet of the Fist – Brother Unthuck BattleBorn- Dragonborn Paladin of Tempest. Invites Thurin to Join the order of the fist.

Zhentarim. A shady mercenary company with holdings in… Everything. They offer to buy the evil armour off Thurin in exhcange for information on “the rising darkness” John is so interested in. Worried of nefarious intentions Thurin decides to hold the armour, opening a rift between he and John.

Arcane University Migh mage Brunskill. Brother of Commander Brunskill.

Matriarch – Free’d by the Bad Companby, no one is sure what her deal is but it’s noted the lords alliance is uneasy of her position in Araluen and her ties to the high elves.

From here each player was engaged by various factions to join them as well as outline what their primary activities where in a year of downtime, where not much adventuring happened.

Roeman is approached by a bard, a beatiful woman Priscilla, who invites him to Join the Harpers. Their ideals synergise extremely well so the Eldritch knight joins their ranks. The Harper agent asks Roeman his intentions regarding his home lands. Roemans Uncle has sworn fealty to the Lords Alliance much to the chagrin of the people. Roemans response showed he was calculating, smart, pragmatic and interested in the peoples well being above all else. This text book perfect harper response earnt him an invitation to meet their leader who turned out to be none other than merchant guild member,* Jillian Greenbottle*. Jillian gave Roeman access to his own Harper contact (Priscilla) who he could use to gather intel on whatever he wanted.

Roeman chose to settle into the arcane universities library to study, and direct harper resources into uncovering the link between the Matriarch and the high elves. He also dropped 30K Gold into the Phandelin mine as an investment.

John is approached by the Zhentarim also known as “the black network” whose goals are to control through covert means as much of everything as possible. John is mostly OK with this except in swearing the family like allegiance to the group, instead bartering an agreement to share intelligence in exchange for Thurins legendary armour. Thurin declines and things become heated between the two.

John spends the year at the Phandalin mines, partnering with Rommeril, the wizard who was disgraced and shamed thanks to Johns theft of the high mages magical horn. Things are extremely prickly at first and Gundren is forced to offer more money to get Rommeril to stay. Johns goal over the year is to establish a spy network through a merchant network running products out of the Phandalin mine as well as learn about enchanting from the jaded Rommeril.

Thurin Spends time making decisions with the Bahamut Church movement, passing on it’s leadership to William Wrafton. Thurins actions catch the eye of the Order of the Gauntlet. The order is a group of Paladins represting the goodly gods. They believe Evil should be fought openly and decisively. Thurin accepts and is adopted into the order and decides to spend his year adventuring with them as well as tracking down his lost friends thanks to Johns comment that all of Thurins friends ultimately die.


Liches get Stitches
The party risks everything for material gain

Players present

Corey – Roman, Human Eldritch Knight
Damo – Half elf Conjuration wizard
Mark – Thurin, Dwarven Oath Paladin
Tim – Mathias, Tiefling Warlock

More weeks pass as the party pushes ever upward and out of the underdark, without the scouting skills of Naiya, who lef the party a few weeks earlier once the upper under dark was reached.

Eventually the party reaches a three way fork, and while Roman found some of the marking Naiya would leave around for tracking purposes the party is inexorably drawn to a source of magic down one of the other tunnels.

The party finds a cave of glowing pink crystals that answers any question asked of it. It was created by an old wizard a millenia ago, and doesn’t know how it got there or what its own purpose is. Eventually the party find it answers everything honestly and to the best of its knowledge and learn that some of the old writings they found at the boiling lake refer to an ancient battle fought between dwarven brothers that culminated in one luring another using a wealth of treasure. The players probe further and learn it’s possible the evil dwarven brothers tormented undead form may still lurk in the depths along with the fabled fortune.

As the party decides the pros and cons of facing off with an ancient undead power, Bip asks the party to proceed, so that he may use the proceeds to fund mercenaries once back above ground. His request tips the balance in his favour and the party leaves the frogling host to investigate the ruins.

The party make their way down a dark cramped tunnel, pitch black and stinking of rot. It opens up to some ruins where a large green bonfire burns, huge silhouettes blocking some of the lights. The party charge fourth and engage the Vrock, large bird like beasts with leathery purple gray skin, black beaks and feathered arms fly and swarm the party with body slams and great scything slashes from their talloned claws.

Using a forward protective line made up pf Thurin Roe and Bip the party mostly use magic to fight the beasts over the unstable floor, which collapsed away if players spent more than a few seconds standing still. Despite the birds dodging and hiding the party make fairly easy work before a shadow demon catches half elf wizard John off guard. John turns the battle around very easily though and the party find the entrance to the resting place of “Banak” is a huge pit descending several levels into the earth.

After roping, climbing, and often falling down the pits 4 levels fighting ancient undead minions and traps the party finally finds a key to unlock the ominous looking door at the bottom. John went ahead and finding a huge red granite hall, a few of the red columns laying in crumbled mess. He stalks down hall and finds one of the dwarven brothers remains, looting it before realising the closer he got to a huge ornate chest the more the eyes would glow on an ancient decrepit skull. John wisely regroups with the party and through some spells and fantastic rolls they find that the skull is actually a dormant Demi-Lich, essentially the wasted, but still dangerous remains of a lich.

The party got into position and decided a plan before awakening the monster. It’s eyes lighting up and evil shrill voice echoing menacing words throughout the chamber. Immediately Bip, Roe and Thurins life force is sucked straight out of their bodies, HP straight to 0. Maniacally laughing the demi-lich Banak trades magical spells with Mathias and John.

Within the first 12 seconds the demi-lich is almost destroyed, flys up to Mathias, blinding him in a maelstrom of dust and sand and sucking Mathias’s life force almost completely regenerating itself. The players continue to try and revive each other whilst inflict damage on the tiny skull flying and swooping like an angry crow. Except the crow can fire death beams from its eyes and the ability to drop everyone within 60ft to 0HP. The melee fighters are finally able to… not die, by have trouble inflicting damage on the nimble, flying high Banak.

The fight went on, and as magic resources got lower and lower and faces around the table grew more and more grim, John turns the tide, creating a ball of water suspended in the air, trapping the tiny skull in place as Mathias unleashed beam after beam of raw eldritch magic. Meanwhile Bip Roe and Thurin scrambled underneath to ensure the next person stayed alive before finally John released the skull from the watery sphere so he could blast it with a disintegration ray, smashing it into cloud of ash, its huge diamond eyes hitting the cold flagstones with a faint, expensive sounding clicks.


Battle over the boiling lake
Bad company gets steamed up in the underdark


Corey – Roe, Human Eldritch Knight.
Damo – John, Half elf Conjuration wizard
jarma – Khan, Dragon Blood Sorcerer
Jeff – Horrik AKA the boiler, Human Barbarian


-Battle broke out at the bottom of the switchback cliffs
-John stayed on defensive, blocking several high level spells
-Roe and Horrik brought down a guard tower with two drow warriors on it, sending them into the boilin lake.
-One, badly burnt almost escaped, was turned into a mop by Khan. Horrik threw mop back into the lake.
-John located a drow mage, greased the cavern he was in then caused it to explode
-Horrik threw drow reinforcements into the lake, as they attacked him. Smashing some through the watch towers remains
-Roe flew up the switchbacks to assist Bip, who took a hammering defending his people from a drow flanking maneuver allowing Bip to get into the portal of the Johns summoned “mordakanens magic mansion”
One drow warrior grabbed the fallen Balizans treasure holding over the lake, demanding to be let go. Khan and John combo to hold him and mage hand catch the items he was holding.
Horrik throws drow with magic shield into lake.
-Battle ends, party spends lots of time fishing for magic shield, and are ambushed by more elite soldiers and a drow priestess. Party fend of the attack, but the priestess escaped.
- Large wave of reinforcements sucked into large watery spear created by John, who moves it over water, releasing them to a boiling doom.
-P arty fishes up shield of sticking.
- Roe single handedly disarms heavily trapped ancient dwarven guard tower halfway up the switchbacks, avoiding seeveral serious diseases along the way and finding a magic weapon.
- Party goes to leave the cavern, Roe decides to check remains of long dead dwarves, finds well hidden dwarven armour. Party make it to the top of the switchback. Lots of XP, lots of lootz.


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