Bad Company

Brain Food

The Bad Company finally catch up to the missing Frog People

Adventurers Present

Corey – Roman, Human Eldritch Knight
Damo – John Human Wizard
Jeff – Human Viking Barbarian
Mark – Dwarven Paladin of Bahamut
Tim – Tiefling Warlock of the Black Dragon Mask

Game starts with the players having already successfully infiltrated a gigantic plateau 100ft above a lake of lava. The shanty town like area is inhabited by hundreds of slaves, mostly gaunt sickly goblins and orcs with a few other races in there, walking around in a zombie like daze. The bad company has gotten close to a squat keep that sits under a massive stalactite hanging from the ceiling like an inverted high rise building. Outside the keep a band of Minotaur’s busily load up massive carts, barring closed the front doors.

Before they choose a course of action the party is joined by Horrik, who lost his way following the fight at Treff Broga. He remembers the last few weeks in broken fragments of servitude, forced labour and gladiatorial like fights. Minutes before meeting the party, he copped a minotaur kick to the head delivered by one covered horn to hoof with all manner of jangling, glittering jewellery. Before the Viking barbarians temper could overcome him the huge creature raised a shining ring covered finger to his lips and pointed to a crusty chest before winking its one eye not covered by bejewelled eye patch.

The barbarian found his old weapons and considered his odds against the 20 something strong group of minotaurs before spying the bad company hiding amidst the junk, recognising Thurin and Matthias he set off.

The party decide to check for a way in via the less defended side of the keep and almost get there in complete stealth before Roman clatters and clangs his way to join. From around the corner the company here guards coming to investigate but some quick and clever use of illusions by John distract the guards as the rest jump into the dark corridor beyond with John going as far as creating a new bar on the outside to cover their entrance.

The party find themselves in a near pitch black corridor, a soft blue light coming from the next room, a large hall with stair cases either side. Lining the walls and hanging from tie rack like set ups are hundreds of frog people hanging serenely while a small number of other frog folk squeegee off the translucent goop from their skin onto drains raining to the centre of the hall, a glowing pool of the farmed goop. A ladder leads up from the pool, through the roof to the connecting staligtight a cable of some sort wrapped around the ladder

While Bip stands shell shocked in light of what his peoples have become Thurin tries to unshackle a frog who screams hysterically in response to his efforts. Before Thurin can wrestle the gaunt frog person it slips its arms back up into the restraints, closing its eyes, tilting its head back in bliss.

A voice startles the players who turn to see a frogling floating before them, eyes rolling up into its lolling head, limbs hanging slackly. The cable laying in the pool of goop in the centre of the room is sticking in the back of the creatures head, holding it aloft, effortlessly.

It explains that the frog-lings know peace and soon all those who swell under the roofless cavern will also know such peace. Disgusted by the tyrany presented fore him Thurin grapples with the tentacle and starts hacking with his axe, before the tentacle can lift him to any dangerous heights Horrik lets out a primal roar as he leaps up grabbing the writhing from the air and slamming it, along with Thurin to the ground.

Sounds of weapons unsheathed ring in the air as the party positions itself to chop the weird appendage to bits, but the party hasn’t seen the strange forms floating gently out from the 3rd level balcony toward them.

Before they can react to the two shadowy figures the party hear strange fwoomps, as the descending Mind flayers with their wet sickly blue purple skin, milky white eyes and disgusting tentacled faces release waves of psychic blasts over the party knocking most tot the ground. Roman survives the attack but is completey engaged by the weird attacking tentacle.

Before the party can recover Horrik finds his head in the relentless grip of of a mind flayer, it’s long tentacles digging painfully into his skin, ears, up his nose and simply trying to dig through his skin. Luckily Roman is able to shake off the attacking tentacle hanging from the roof, its long form recoiling in pain before receeding up the ladder and immediately jumps to the barbarians aid, his flaming swords roaring through the air to cut at the disgusting creature. The pair combine to over power the beast while John quietly runs for the stairs to better cover the entire party. Meanwhile Matthias is going toe to toe with the other flayer, matching its waves of psychic energy with blast after blast of magical energy. Before it’s able to ensnare the teifling with its tentacles Mathias lands three devastating attacks in a row, pulverizing the abheration (and the frogling on the wall behind it) to a quivering mass of gurgling wet flesh.

As Matthias turns to the rest of the party his heart sinks as he sees the face tentacles of a third mind flayer, about 50 feet away, flick up toward him with a soft fwoomp. The physic wall of energy smashed into the tiefling like a giant rampaging bull, the flayer closing in fast behind the attack. As the ilithid approached the stunned warlock it’s tentacles writhed and squelched, dripping translucent goo in anticipation of the coming meal.

Roman and Horrik finish smashing their mind flayer to a squidgey paste while Mathias’s mind flayers hidden beak diges into his skin before sucking his brains out. Or at least it would have if not for a moment earlier John lets fly a stream of arcane fire, searing through the hunched figure, causing it to release its grip on the warlock as two more beams lance through it, leaving charred burning holes in its chest. The creature crumples to the ground, a rythmic pulsing of purple goo fading as its life force wilts away.

The bad company know the real challenge lay in the next room but drained of energy, find a small study to barricade themselves in and rest. The rest is a nervous one tension thick in the air as Bip inconsolable sulks in the corner.Each man takes his moment to focus himself and prepare for the upcoming encounter.

The next morning the party leave the room to find all the frog people are down from their restraints, crowding the room, all staring at the party as they push their way through to the ladder leading up and beyond the roof. Not attacking, just staring, glassy eyed and watching silently, the parties footfalls echoing in the cavernous room.

After climbing for 10 minutes scaling the ladder and making their way through the pitch black lower levels of the hollowed out stalactite the party come across a HUGE cavern. Roughly cylindrical reaching up hundreds of feet high with two ramps hugging and twising up the outside wall some 80 feet up before bridging to a huge crystalline tub, being supported by the bridges. In the tube a gigantic, brain sitting in a clear goo, four huge tentacles hanging lazily over its edges.

In a calm sing song voice, heard directly in the parties minds, it welcomes the party explaining it’s the next step in evolution, that all on the surface will know peace under it’s control. It speaks to all party members simultaneously, citing their insecurities and secrets back to them. While distracted in this way a wave of frog people bust out from the corridor behind the party and start running toward and up the ramps, their webbed feet slapping noisily.

The party decide to take action, and keep the ramp clear as the brains giant tentacles begin lashing out, knocking party members down and throwing them across the room. Ramp blocked by stampeding frog peoples, Thurin decides to charge, jump on his shield knees down and bowl them over. The heavily armored dwarf sends frogs flying as Horrik chases close behind, using the slowing dwarf as a spring board, to jump and catch a flaying tentacle. But, things don’t work out as planned and the barbarian slips on the paladins armor, causing both to land in an awkward heap. Meanwhile Matthias and Roman begin slinging attacks at the crystalline tub the brain sits in while John and Bip are crushed and thrown around by the powerful tentacles.

As the tub starts to crack the brain lets outs a devastating wave of Physcic energy, knocking most of the party down, leaving them stunned and allowing it’s long tentacles to wreak havoc on those left standing, John, Bip and Mathias. John opens up a tear in reality and jumps through, landing on the bridge next to the brain, only to be instantly whipped up in a crushing hold from one of the tentacles.

At the same time the rest of the party are jumping and dodging tentacles, and lasting the tub with magical attacks, finally causing it to crash, tub, brain and restrained John and all. It seemed to fall in slow motion ominously sailing down before an ear splitting crash, huge discs of sharp crystal spinning off at crazy angles like beautiful deadly frisbees. The explosion of glass and crystal hit Bip fully in the head the little warrior thrown back and bleeding out as the party hold on against the brains attacks, picking up party members and throwing them as missiles into other members. John gets crushed into Roman, Thurins limp body into Horrik, Bips dying form into Matthias who himself was not grabbed thanks to some quick use of teleportation magics.

With John near death and the rest of the party badly damaged or unconscious the wizard draws on his deepest wells of arcane knowedge focusing his mind and movement conjuring a beam of pure devestating magic lighting up the room with a a deafening CHOOOOOOOOOOOOooooom. Eyes adjusting back to the dim light after the blinding flash, Johns disappointed to see the brain still whipping and smashing his friends like rag dolls. Though now a whole third of it missing, pink and grey slop covering the opposite wall, lazy wisps of smoke curling up from the enormous, 10ft across crater in the lumpen monstrosity. A second later the dragon helmed missile smashes into John crumpling him into the ground. Luckily the devastating attack wakes Thurin up who begrudgingly parts with some healing powers.

Mathias, Roman and Horrik slash and kick and stab at the tentacles while Mathias uses magic to seep it’s life force back into his own body before Thurin roars into action, leaping into the crater left by Johns devastating attack, a moment later exploding out the other side the tentacles slapping dead against the cold ground…

The site is an absolute mess of brains, guts, broken crystal and dead frogs, caught in the explosion. The survivors shaking their heads, blinking the sleep from their eyes, gawking around as if waking up from a bad dream some noticing the dying form of Bip his final life seeping away.

Distraught Thurin pleads with John to get him across the cavern to rescue him but John explains he needs to save his power. With a threat and a life lesson later Thurin and Johns places switch leaving the dwarf next to dead Frog kings side just in time to use his powerful spell to revive him. Bip is on his feet immediately though now missing an eye, and takes the time to calm his people and get them downstairs.

The party watch the frog people filter from the room, and look across to see three more mind flayers staring impassively at them over the wretched remains of the brain creature. Silently they begin to levitate, leaving the party who think this the last of it before the still enraged Horrik hurls his heavy axe through the air pummeling into ones chest, causing it to fall to the floor. Psychic attacks roll out, fwoomp, fwoomp, fwoomp but the party focus their minds in anger against the beings knocking them to the ground before surrounding and smashing them into a pulp, John and Mathias happy to stay back, hurt and low on magical resources. Row guts one throat to pelvic bone with his glaive as Horriks Axe cleaves another in half all the while Thurin hacks and roars, his victim unable to protect himself from the brutal hacks.

The parties anger at Horrik for instigating another fight when they were already battered and bruised seemed to melt away as they uncover magic items held or worn by the flayers before heading downstairs to check on the state of the frog people.



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