Bad Company

Limbo pt 2 - Burning Gulthias

Near death experiences, dancing dwarves and half orcs

Resting in the dead succubus’s Harem the players are interrupted by three Githyanki warriors, who separate the party by turning a silk hanging into oil then setting it alight. Theren kills one in a single turn while Matthias gets out of danger by mind controlling part of a wooden post spearing his attacker and making good his escape, unfortunately for that unlucky chap he’s picked up by Davros and dragged through the flame, where he was thrown bodily across the room by the War Cleric and finished off by an eldritch blast as Theren carved a bloody path through the other two. During this time So’k made sure the Gith stayed warm via a silk scarf then took a nap.

Upon awakening Davros notices a near imperceptible imperfection in the stone work, leading to a hidden staircase spiraling down into the darkness. Theren saves Thurin from dropping down a loooooooong pit. So’k jumps across before anyone followed by Theren who grapples a rope over the pit allowing the others to swing across and then break the post to retrieve the grapple.
So’k and Theren move up to investigate a door atop a stair on the other side and amazingly Theren missed and also set off a hidden trip wire which flattened the stairs into a ramp covered in magical grease.

Amazingly Thurin and Davros stay on their feet AND jump the gap back over the other side and chill out while the others figure out wtf to do. Theren grabs the wall and So’k turns the ground under his feet into PVC glue, while Mathias hurtles toward the pit and simply casts spider climb, stepping off the greasy surface onto the wall. Satisfied he’s safe he walks up the stairs and through the doors by himself. Luckily he doesnt start a 30v1 encounter and hides among the chimneys/vents and oven nooks in the roof, like an actual spider.

The two tanks come up with a great idea to make a platform using the mind shield generation powers of limbo and as they do this Theren actually creates it, leading Thurin and Davros to believe they’re awesome and did it themselves. The group levitate up the mind powered lift and all go through the door together where they meet Jillian Greenbottle, a halfling who has been trapped in an illusionary nightmare for as long as she can remember.

She explains that assentially a ghost haunts this area, covered in illusions to make the whole thing seem like a beautiful ballroom filled with fashionable guests, fine food and wine and music. Jillian explains he was murdered on a night where he hosted a party within the made mages castle. When she awoke the next day she was here reliving the day ground hog style. Later she revealed she was a spy sent there to kill the duke, and when her partner an assassin tried it again, he was promptly killed by the duke, who transformed into a ghost and his guests into no less than 30 zombies! So in a nutshell the players need to ensure the duke has a great party whilst figuring out how to get out the door at the back of the room to which only the duke has the key. Players consider making a play for the key but end up taking the diplomatic approach to begin.

Matthias introduces himself as a very powerful wizard, and wows the duke and the crowd with a magic show and perfectly aligns himself to the duke. Theren explains he is but a squire to Davros, who comes super close to blowing the gig when Theren explains that Davros and Theren are in fact a part of HIS own entourage serving as body guards for the mighty Matthias.

It was touch and go but the party pull it off. meanwhile a fight almost breaks out but is settled with a dance off by Thurin Swift foot. So’k also joins much to the disappointment of the dance partner opposite. We all cringe at the expected result but the plate clad dwarf glides majestically across the floor, swooning and spinning perfectly in time with the music, even managing to sneakily trip up his partner. The intimidating So’k easily replicates all the required moves and picks up a few fans, his dance partner in particular very pleased to have danced with him.

While the duke is distracted by the dance and Matthias, Davros covers for Theren who manages to pick a near impossible to pick lock (DC 20) AND finds a secret passage out of there. Davros collects Jillian then conveys to the others that they need to get the fudge out. A waiter trips, about to spill his drinks on the lady willow but is saved by mind powers of Davros. But Uh oh, The Duke is so impressed with these new guests that he wants to take Thurin, So’k and Matthias to his study to celebrate… A room normally locked where Theren and Jillian are hiding. Fast thinking from Thurin activates his wingman mode and instead helps the Duke get over his crippling fear of talking to the Duchess of Willow. Thanks to Thurin he also manges to strike up a conversation AND is pursuaded to talk the lady for a walk, during which time the party flees. Good team effort.

The party proceed down a long dark corridor during which time Jillian Greenbottle thanks everyone and reveals her history as a spy, and Theren gives her a couple daggers to hang onto. The team sneak into the next room and they’re on a platform at one end looking over random stacks of boxes, about 30 odd enemies, milling about. On the other side of the room, the Gulthias Tree is being hauled toward a portal.

The weird thing is there’s no sound. A giant monkey statue and counterweight hang high in the middle of the room, the counterweight seemingly holding up the monkeys hears to its head. This means players can’t talk and since no one has telepathic powers players at the table sign furiously at each other before giving up and diving into battle, carving a swathe through the weak though numerous twig blights. (Humanoid plant people made of sticks.)

Theren makes it to the block through some fancy wall jumping and focuses his mind to turn a chain link from iron to water, sending it crashing down, the moon elf riding it the whole way, no problems like a bauss. A bunch of needle blights riddle him with needles and he’s knocked unconscious.

Meanwhile Jillian plays her part by taking down enemies and generally holding her own while, Thurin systematically cuts his way through the blights and Davros walks through without a care in the world, blights requiring a crit to hit him at all. Matthias notices vine blights pulling the tree towards the portal and casts wall of fire in a circle, snapping each of their vines and setting them alight. On his next turn he burns them to a cinder through maintaining concentration of the spell, reacts to another needle blight by burning and killing it, AND flings a fire ball at a 6th enemy. Matthias Bane of the Blights!

Davros then gets Theren back in the game through healing word as Thurin continues cutting his way to what seems like hostages or prisoners, stuck in a big stone block with only their heads poking out only to see from behind the tree is the zerth who sent them on this mission in the first place shake hands with the Githyanki and leap up to the prisoners as their stone prison vanishes. He makes eye contact with Theren before turning away and joining hands with them and disappearing.

The party continues to mow through the twig and needle blights. The githyanki knight jumps down from atop the tree with more needle blights and gets them to start pushing the tree closer to the wall. Having punched his way through the enemey So’k runs within range of the night only to get torn to shreds, knocked out, ribs clearly broken and protruding from his side.

Davros sees this powerful enemy and leaps from the higher section of the room soaring majestically only to land arse first in a crate, crumpling in its top and getting stuck. After finding out he can’t cast glyph of warding at a distance (doh!) he places it on his sword, and from his sitting position cocks his arms back and hurls it through the air, arcing and spinning high before burying into one of the tougher needle blights chest. A moment passes before the sword glows white and explodes, vaporising the blight into splinters sending chunks of sword flying. Another blight is destroyed, the other two are badly damaged AND the Githyanki Knight was also damaged by the epic attack.

Davros and Thurin fight through Twig blights toward the knight, Davros plucking Thurins axe from its holster and only to drop it in his attack.

The party continues to battle the knight except Theren who sets off to help the outnumbered halfling, who is clearly taking damage but does some matrix shizzle anyway and runs to safety. More twig blights give chase but upon seeing Therens help she launches another attack killing one, and Theren the other.

Thurin steps in now and channels the power of the dragon lord himself and absolutely demolishes the knight, bringing him within an inch of his life, so he tries to surrunder claiming “The zerth had betrayed you all, you are proof that he did our bidding on your world!” But Davros is having none of it and keeps on the attack. The Gith knight teleports away and chops down Matthias and makes a run for it. Davros gets all “Not on my watch” and smashes through the same arse crate, and in an amazing show of strength, with all sorts of disadvantages and high AC against him, Davros HURLS the axe, which catches the knight with a thud, splitting its head open… Davros scoops up his amazingly powerful sword while the others make a fire to start burning the tree, Thurin destroying it with radiant energy.

Matthias is revived, to learn he has lost an eye! Loot and rescued captive in hand the group jumps through the portal which was collapsing anyway, ending up in a wooded glen just outside Nythaderyn.


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