Stolte Songblade

"Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste death but once."


Stolte was a handsome half elf who fought armed with a rapier, shield and breastplate all polished to a brilliant sheen. He wore a trademark blue ribbon around his forehead. Dexterous and handy with a blade Stolte always to use his words before his blade.


Stolte Songblade showed an aptitude for music and story telling from an early age and was the youngest ever student of the famous University of Bardic Knowledge. A gifted performer and diplomat Stolte used his talents to earn him fame and fortune until one day a settlement he was staying was ransacked by bandits. Stolte was able to save himself but most of the villagers perished.

Plagued by guilt Stolte continued travelling attaching himself to military units, mercenaries, adventurers or anyone who he could learn how to fight from. During this time Stolte unlocked the arcane secrets of bardic talents and learned how to weave them with his new martial prowess. Stolte believed in the little guy rising above his station for the better of his fellow people.

Stolte joined a band of adventurers hired by the Rockseeker brothers in Phandalin and cleared a Goblin stronghold, freed a town of a gang, battled in the wave echo cave, bluffed his way into and out of an enemy army encampment, scared off a blue dragon and tricked a white dragon using a dwarf as bait.

Stolte managed to pursue Reznar across the broken see ahead of the party only to be disemboweled, his remains sent to his friends in a box care of the evil cult leader.

Stolte Songblade

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