Thurin Uslukh-Un

Paladin. Oath of Devotion. Order of Bahamut.


Formally known as Thurin Onuzn’Faluk, Thurin underwent the Rite of Bahamut to reborn as Thurin Uslukh-Un, which in the Dwarven Tongue stands for Thurin Dragon-Born (or Son of Dragon)

Height: 2 metres (6 ft 55’

Age: 250

Armour: His body is now a full, platinum coated dragon scale

Ideals: Justice and Order.

Flaws: Gives everyone the opportunity for redemption, despite their crime.

Dislikes: Doesn’t like the sea or travelling by boat/ship due to his Mountain Dwarf heritage.

Oath of Bahamut:
In Anarchy, we are Justice.

In Fear, we are Hope.

In War, we are Strength.

In Darkness, we are Light.

In Death, we are Eternal.


Thurin Onuzun’Faluk (Dwarven for “Foe-Hammer’’) was born in the great Dwarven city of
Gathol Dûm” (“Fortress Home”-Dwarven) he spent his youth like most Mountain Dwarves, combining the study of lore and metalwork with martial training. He earned his reknown amongst his people during the constant excursions to repel the frequent Orc, and sometimes darker creatures, threats on his home. Witnessing the atrocities committed (on both sides) in the darken, bloodstained tunnels under the mountains, his passion for Justice and Righteousness were kindled, and he sought out the Temple of Bahamut. He left his home and went to the human capital city (TBA) to the heart of Bahamut’s Order in the lands, ‘The Spire’. There he studied for years as an apprentice, before achieving the rank of Warden of Bahamut on the eve of his 75 birthday (A young man, by the reckoning of Dwarves). For 125 years, he enforced the Law and Will of his order. Banishing evil and righting wrongs throughout the lands, all in the name of the God of Justice.

In the years approaching his 200th birthday, Thurin began to notice a growing darkness in his beloved temple. The acts commited by the members of those order were no longer black and white, and often did it’s followers commit acts that were once so despised. Thurin remained a vocal opponent of such tactics, but was quickly silenced by the leaders of the Order. Tiernan Blackheart, the Knight-Commander of the Order, would often pull Thurin aside, explaining the need for such tactics, to deter greater evils. But he would not agree.

Thurin was expelled from the order following an attempt to stop his bretheren from executing a mother and child for their father’s association with dark magics. His intervention, whilst well meant, gave the mother the opportunity to cut the throat of one of her guard before being cut down, and for the child to escape.

Bannished and alone, Thurin wandered aimlessly for a time, before meeting two young adventurers, a sarcastic, confrontational elven ranger named Jungolious and a tall, quiet, yet ferocious Dragonborn Barbarian named Grim. They travelled together for a time and Thurin began to feel a purpose in his work. His world was once again shattered when the group, now joined by a Stonefist Monk named So’k, fell into a trap led by the Cult of Tiamat, and Thurin was captured and taken away in torment.

Taken away and bound in the dark, Thurin felt his hope of escape begin to fade. As he prepared to face his death, Tiernan the Blackheart strode boldly into his dungeon and Thurin’s heart soared with joy. The Joy was quickly stomped out, as it became clear Tiernan was in league with the cult, and for 6 months Thurin was tortured by his former commander in the Spire.

It was not until an unexpected rescure came, at the hand of a ragtag group of adventurers, and Tiernan the Blackheart was slain. Thurin took the Signet Ring of his former commander and joined the adventurers on the quest.

Though relieved to be free, his heart was broken. His purpose in life had been destroyed by an order he loved. One dark, solemn night, Bahamut himself came to Thurin in a dream and charged him, and him alone, with a new purpose. To cleanse the land of Tiamat’s taint, and restore the Order of Bahamut to its former glory. Now he ventures forth, working with any who will join him, to meet this new purpose, and to bring Justice to a land and people in dire need.

Formally known as Thurin Onuzn’Faluk, Thurin underwent the Rite of Bahamut to reborn as Thurin Uslukh-Un, which in the Dwarven Tongue stands for Thurin Dragon-Born (or Son of Dragon).

Now, he is The Platinum Dragon-Born, 6 and a half feet tall and 300 pounds. He is Bahamut’s representative on the material plane.


“Khazâd ai-mênu!, “The Dwarves are upon you!” – A Dwarven Battlecry overheard by the freed slaves in the pits of Freetown, shortly before Thurin was overcome and captured by the slavers of the Cult of Tiamat.

“C’mon and eat me, y’slimey bastard” – Words overheard right before being, forcefully, swallowed whole by a Hydra tormenting a family of farmers.

Thurin Uslukh-Un

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