Bad Company

Rockin' the Cazbah

Players make it back to the material plane to find it not as they left it...

Players Present

Ben – Lobb, half orc barbarian
Corey – Roeman Roman, Human Eldritch Knight
Mark – Thurin, Dwarven Paladin of Bahamut
Marc – Kershawn, Human Fighter

- The party leave Bytopia as soon as possible. John (even though player not present) obtains a book called “A guide to summoning Demonds and binding them to your will” which details how to summon demons safely… If you don’t stuff up the ritual.

- Not wanting to risk a random teleport location on the material plane John uses sigils that lead to a teleportation circle at Roe’s childhood home, Cazbah.

- The party teleport into a random part of Roe’s Childhood home which they find empty. Upon investigation they find the streets in turmoil. Romans Uncle Joseph has been kidnapped by the Dragon Cult, a note was left demanding the Bad Company meet with a cult leader lest Roe’s Uncle be slain and the town destroyed by Dragons breath.

- New party member Kershaun, was tasked by the council (Lords alliance specifically) to find and return the party as their time in Bytopia was 3 months on the material plane, in which time Dragon Cult activity has gone from covert to overt, with raids for loot, and people taking place across the lands.

- The party meets local Blacksmith and long time personal Friend of Roman, Gazukh the dwarf and through some fancy speaking from Roe and intimidation Lobb the party stops the town slipping into panic.

- The company sets up a zone of truth at the entrance of the keep and screen everyone as they enter from suspicion of cultist infiltrators. The party find a few and interrogate them, learning the Dragon cult members were to meet near the town in clearing on a hill. Thurin saves a woman, and inspires her daughter to take up the cause of Bahamut.

- WIth every innocent person safely in the keep the party signals the dragon cult atop one of the keeps towers. After a dramatic entrance Brunskill the Blue who bears the blue dragon mask and Blue dragon mount explains to the party that the Dragon cult has lost control of the Yuan-Ti, and if not stopped they’ll raise their Demon God Mershaulk to wreak havoc. The Cult can’t do it as the Yuan Ti are using the temples Scrying pool to remain vigilant against the cult, but Brunskill knows of a secret entrance which the party could slip in.

- Besides saving the near by city of Nethaderyn the party would also receive the location and identity of the Green Dragon Mask wearer. Most of the party are hip to the idea, however Thurin refuses to co-operate and the party attack Brunskill who was an illusion the whole time, instead mounted atop his Blitzarnimax, his Blue Dragon the whole time.

- The party go off their only lead and strike out for the hills and find Roe’s Uncle Joseph bound and beaten. He explains a large force was there, with carts and so on, but left some time ago. Kershaun, the parties newest member wants the party back at the Council, however the party push on, this lead too juicey to miss.

- The party drop Joseph back at Cazbah, Gazukh having silvered some weapons for both Lobb and Kershaun. Roman leaves a sizable sum of money with Joseph, to hire mercenaries and fit the town out against Dragons.

- As night falls the party attempt to follow the trail left by the dragon cult and even with Thurin scouting in the air via giant bird, the party stumbles into an Ambush by a group of Ettins and some kind of feral Gnoll. The party defeat the group and find a map referring to some sort of meeting deeper in the forest, closer to the mountain ranges to the south….


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