Bad Company

Dragon Cult strikes back

Ambushed prepared in Parnast for the Bad Company

A low level Dragon Cultist escape results in deadly surprise for the Bad Company and people of Parnast.


Ben – Lobb, Half Orc arrow magnet
Corey – Roeman, Human magic item collector
Damo – John, Half elf cleaver theif
Marc – Kershawn, Human Flutist/house burner
Mark – Thurin, Dwarven health hoarder

- Party still talking to elven town guard who is admitting all of the dragon cults activities in Parnast over the last few days, whilst the towers in the fog on the other side of the town, begins to lift magically into the sky. The town guard explains that it’s some kind of flying castle and that the dragon cult had been using Parnast as a base to attack nearby villages and bring back their plunder. They also robbed parnast taking most of the healthy young men in the village.

- Members of the bad company are suspicious, but keep the dialogue open. All to the elven guards plan, which was to allow his men to get in behind the party. 10 archers, 10 soldiers who open the attack with a volley of arrows at the party. The elf acts surprised and yells for guards, the party still unsure if he’s behind it or not.

- Roemans ready for it though, leaping clear of the volley and charging for the tree line and Thurin is able to spin and bring his shield up in time to block the peppering of arrows. Kersawn and Lob each get hit multiple times whilst John charges the tree line, misty stepping beyond the line of foot soldiers and blinking over to the Ethereal plane.

- Roe begins attacking the 10 fighters in the trees, joined by a charging Thurin who closes the gap with a running shield throw. Lobb runs for cover in the nearest house before the elf sucks in large breath before billowing a huge cloud of fire at the fighter and retreating back into town, behind the cover of a stone fence. Kershaun gives chase, vaulting the fence on a surprised elf and begins pummeling away before realising 10 more archers perched over his position who pepper him with arrows as he dives through a window into the house to break the line of site.

- Lobb beggs locals for a healing potion. Gets 5 hp before jumping back out to support Thurin and Rie.

- John takes care of the archers, leaving piles of charred corpses, freeing up Roe fly over as support for Kershawn only to land on the rood seconds before it collapses in flames.

- Thurin and Lob hack through the remaining foot soldiers. Lobb using a super heated pole from the smithy, whilst thurin cleaves heads off with his battle axe.

- Kershaun and Roe take care of the soldiers by the house, and force the elven warrior back. He draws an obsidian black, evil looking blade, holding it to his own neck and tells the party t back off. Roe makes a play for him, and he cuts his own throat. A portal opens up and a 20ft tall Goristro ambles out and begins pummeling the party.

- Roe keeps the beast off balance, by chaining it’s leg, whilst Thurin hacks at its leg. Goristro’s huge fists pummel the dwarf, and Kershawn is crunched under hoof.

- John takes the cleaver of a nearby poor villager and jumps off the roof in an attempt to shift the Goristro to another plane, trying the stunt twice before realising he doesn’t need to physically attack the monster to try and plane shift it. Tells the family to evacuate the home.

- Kershawn tries to “distract” the monster by playing the flute. Gets absolutely crunched.

- Thurin deals record breaking damage.

- Lobb joins the battle teaming with Roe to try and tie the beasts leg down. But Roe fumbles before he can help. Lobb decides to climb the beast whilst Roe flies about his head, cutting and blasting it with magic, getting gored by one of it’s huge horns in the process, but momentarily blinding it in the process.

- Kershaun, lobb, John all take significant damage before one of Johns spells finally gets past the beasts magical resistance and holds the monster in place with a spell. Kershawn finally gets to cover and Roe, Thurin and Lobb unleash a torrent of attacks.

- Almost defeated the Goristro snaps out of the hold, charges for John, who’s safely inside the peasant families home. The Goristro horns explode through it, knocking John out but leaving itself open to attacks from all the party members before Lobb finally runns up its spine, leaps off its back, and crunches his maul into and through its skull finally felling the beast.

- John is revived and takes the evil dagger, and the townsfolk poke the heads out of their homes. But as the people approach time slows and the world grows dark. An Imp appears in through a puff of flames and gives the party a book detailing how to summon his master Izbah, who is against Tiamat and wants to negotiate his services with the party.

- Despite being ravaged by the dragon cult, (town thoroughly looted and many kidnappings). The town is thankful to the party, putting them up for free, providing foot and shelter. Thurin is given a place of honor with the families destroyed home and takes the time to train survivors in self defence whislt the other set off to summon a devil.



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