Bad Company

Insult to Injury

Thurins mistake doesn’t seem punishment enough by other team members…

Players Present

Ben – Lobb Half Orc Barbarian
Corey – Roman Human Eldritch knight
Damo – John, half Elf Wizard
Mark – Thurin Dwarven Paladin of Bahamut

- Party continues to track the Dragon cult and spot a camp ahead.

- John disguises himself as a naked woman (!?) before Thurin trips and makes a sound in the woods. John then teleports away, blinking in and out of existence.

- Lobb and Thurin ambush those who investigate their noise, and Roman flys ahead to catch fleeing cultists.

- Lobb kicks a cultists so hard, he gets stuck in the spokes of a heavy cart, before it collapses, snapping his victims spine the wrong way. Thurin teams up with Lobb to kill a half dragon.

- Roman kills most of the escapees. But one gets away while John, snipes 3 on his own using scroching ray, drags one survivor back to eh group for interrogation.

- Party learns there was a big meeting between the dragon cult and a tribe of hill giants near by and that the Dragon Cult is due to leave in the morning. Thurin asks for a moment with the prisoner, and executes him for his evil ways, much to the chagrin of the party who claim that was not very lawful good of Thurin who in turn explains the Dragon Cult and it’s members represent the pure evil he fights against.

- Characters find a note on one of the cultists, it states that should they miss the leave time, go to Parnast in stead. The party decide to go there and along the way Lobb spies a beautiful half orcish woman in a pond. Thanks to Thurin Lobb nor the rest of the party are note charmed. DM remembers this and realises this will be a non event. The party crosses the lake via a bridge, except Thurin, who knowing it’s undead, draws his axe and wades right in.

- Thurin realises he can’t cast spells with a verbal component easily underwater and what looked like a beautiful Dwarven woman is in fact a Rasulka. A cursed undead creature that charms passer-bys into the water to kill them.

- Thurin and the Rasulka trade blows, and unfortunately for him her attacks causes him to laugh hysterically… underwater… All the while the party waits bored at the other side and begin to get worried.


- John and Roe go to investigate and see that Thurin is in trouble. John jumps in and also realises he can’t speak. Thurin gets knocked out and begins drowning whilst, John also becomes trapped. Thanks to some clever teleportation, Roe saves Thurin, SECONDS before he dies, and the rest of the party finish of the Rasulka.

- The party is furious at the dwarf and decide to cut off his beard, with his own axe, and shove the great length of hair in the dwarfs pants.

- Thurin wakes up and is FURIOUS almost leaving the bad company before it’s put to him that he needs to choose between dwarven pride and his responsibility as Behamuts champion and begrudgingly decides to stay.

- Beaten and weary the party is lead to Parnast by Lobbs local knowledge. They find the town quiet in the early morning fog. On the other side of the same town the party spies towers akin to those found on a keep, only there shouldn’t be one here.

-The party find a local smith who explains it’s the dragon cults, and that they’ve packed up shop suddenly in the night, leaving Parnasts survivors worried that something is about to go down. The party explain they plan to defeat the Dragon Cult and the Blacksmith gets the party to stay put whilst he summons the towns guard. An elf named Feonin, who greets the party before explaining that with the cult gone, the town simply wants to get on with normal life and that the party should move on.



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