Cult of the Dragon Queen – Not much is known about the Dragon Cult. Traditionally bent on raising dead dragons as Dracoliches it seems their goals have shifted. A wealth of resources behind them the Bad Company still don’t know the extent of their plans

One Dragon Mask wearer was defeated, but the prized Black Dragon Mask has since been lost.

The Council of Middenport
Is the meeting of the heads of state and Araluens most important factions. The Council is convened when continental issues arise as well as for trade and border negotiations. Normally held once every year, it’s been held once per month.

Fighter Kershaun has been tasked by the council to return the party back to the Council or find out what happened to them when Kumlari fell.

The Lords Alliance – Represents the Northern half of Araluen. Lord Ladislaar suddenly after his uncles untimely death. Ladislaar tightened control of the cities of Men, forming them into one official Kingdom much to the chagrin of the Elven and Dwarven Kingdoms to the south.

The lords alliance represents the largest populations in Nethaderyn with ability to conscript large numbers quickly, though due to Ladislaars attitude and relative inexperience, the rest of the Council do not like him.

Kingdom Of Elves
Elder Galindiir has mostly been aloof during the council meetings more there as frustration to the dwarves who often see each other as a threat.

High elves don’t number as many as any other kingdom but have specialised warriors, and some of Araluens most powerful spell casters, all currently tasked with defending key locations.

Free Elves of the Misty Forest
- Wood elves to the South western reaches of Araluen lead by their commander in chief Oolfir.

Lots of secure hidden locations and best archers / scouts in the land.

Mountain Dwarf Dynasty
Insular, always stubborn and argumentative. Always warey of the elves to their border.
Have access to the best weapons, armour and siege equipment in Araluen.

The Harpers

The Order of the Gauntlet

The Zentarim

The Emerald Enclave

The Arcane University

Hill Dwarf clans

Hill Dwarves

The Order of Bahamut

Order of the Stone Fist


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